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With a vision to fortify our surroundings with next level of digital security systems, ECO Camera was founded in 2014 by Mr. Steven. As a technology intensive company, we are engaged in design, engineering, and manufacturing of globally accepted digital security products for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential establishments.

First and foremost a customer oriented company; we provide total solution for CCTV Surveillance System, Accessory, and many other digital safety systems of modern world.

We have partnered with world leading entities in the field of electronic security and surveillance systems so that we can introduce latest digital security products in Taiwan. We import high grade components of well-recognized brands from Japan, Taiwan, Israel and Malaysia to develop high-end products and provide foolproof security.

The regular technical and market research have greatly improved our technical standards and management capabilities. Highly qualified engineers and motivated employees are directly responsible for our enviable success in a little period of time. Our 'CEE' and 'ROHS' certifications vouch for our compliance to international standards and ensure our customers get the most advanced solutions.